SleepRight Dental Guard Dura-Comfort SleepRight Dental Guard Secure-Comfort SleepRight Dental Guard Slim-Comfort
Dura Comfort Dental Guard - £39.95
Secure Comfort Dental Guard - £29.95
Slim Comfort Dental Guard - £29.95
SleepRight Select Dental Guard - £24.95
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SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid 3-Count
SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid 1-Count
FreshGuard Cleaning Tablets Travel Pack (4 tablets)
FreshGuard Cleaning Tablets (16 tablets)
Breathe Aid 3 pack - £12.95
Breathe Aid 1 trial pack - £4.95
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SleepRight Tongue Cleaner for Bad Breath
Vapour Inhaler - £11.95
SleepRight Tongue Cleaner - £4.95
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Keeping your dental guard in top condition.

Dental guards, mouthguards and other dental and oral appliances are a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Bacteria can quickly multiply if not cleaned properly.

Our FreshGuard effervescent cleaning tablets are specially formulated to hygienically clean, remove stains and disinfect your dental guard, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and leaving a fresh clean taste.

We recommend deep cleaning and disinfecting with FreshGuard at least once a week. We include a 4 pack of tablets free of charge with every dental guard purchased from us. Note: Please do not add to cart as we will include the free product and ship with your guard automatically.